Fibre is the #1 ingredient consumers want more of.

Boost fibre content in a wide range of category applications with our prebiotic PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre.

soluble fibre

Looking for more fibre?

Fibre is the #1 ingredient that consumers today want to add to their daily diet¹.

Our complete portfolio of high-fibre solutions helps formulators deliver their desired amount of fibre with fewer ingredients and less sugar, making PROMITOR® ideal for fibre fortification as well as sugar reduction across applications. Plus, Tate & Lyle's reliable and cost-effective supply ensures that your ingredients arrive when you need them.

With high functionality, PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre makes it easier than ever to meet the growing demand for fibre and fulfil the needs of health-conscious consumers.

¹ Health and Wellness Across the Globe. 2021, The Hartman Group, Inc.


PROMITOR® delivers unique functional properties across categories:

PROMITOR® 90B enables “sugar free” labelling under typical use levels, with binder properties that keep nutrition bars soft and pliable over time.
PROMITOR® 97 delivers high fibre with very low sugars and net carbs, and provides excellent mouthfeel for a wide variety of beverages.
PROMITOR® W boosts fibre in formulation and is ideal for sugar reduction in gummy candies.
Formulate with ease

PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre is highly functional, which makes it the ideal ingredient for fibre fortification as well as sugar and fat reduction.

  • Exceptional process & shelf stability
  • Neutral colour & clean taste
  • Excellent digestive tolerance (2x the digestive tolerance of inulin in adults)


PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre offers a comprehensive portfolio that is easily incorporated into a variety of applications.


Health benefits

PROMITOR® offers prebiotic properties and can be used to formulate products that support health benefits.

  • Promotes a low glycaemic response
  • Helps support healthy digestion
  • Helps boost calcium absorption (important for bone health)
  • Helps maintain weight through lower calorie consumption
  • Enables a low FODMAP diet

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Ingredient availability and nutritional declaration varies from country to country; we recommend reviewing your local regulation.