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Discover a range of stevia ingredients for your formulation needs.

Formulating sugar-reduced foods and beverages with stevia sweeteners can be challenging. But recent innovations have provided new tools for delivering more cost-effective, better tasting stevia solutions.

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Tate & Lyle has solutions for every formulation challenge.

High Sugar Reduction with Sugar-Like Taste

Our TASTEVA® M and TASTEVA® D line delivers the most sugar-like taste in our portfolio without the linger or bitterness found in most stevia sweeteners—all at an acceptable cost in use.

TASTEVA® M is a high-purity Reb M stevia sweetener that provides a cleaner, sugar-like taste with no linger or bitterness and performs well in applications with sugar replacement levels > 8 SEV.

TASTEVA® D is a high-purity Reb D stevia sweetener that can replace sugar up to 7SEV and deliver great taste in food and beverage applications.

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Better Cost-in-Use vs. RA 97

For medium sugar replacement, our Optimizer Stevia® range delivers a similar taste as RA 97—but at a more favorable cost in use.

Optimizer Stevia® is a range of optimized glycoside compositions that provide great taste and improved solubility at a lower cost in use vs. RA 97.

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Natural Flavor Labeling

Using steviol glycosides as a flavor in foods and beverages can improve taste and improve flavors while allowing you to label as natural flavor.*

NATROSE FLAVOUR® 2.0 is a glucosylated steviol glycoside that can deliver well-balanced, enhanced flavor in food and beverages.

Zolesse® delivers less bitterness, linger and off-taste with a better cost-in-use than comparable glycosylated stevia extract flavors.

*Labels as natural flavor in countries that accepts FEMA GRAS

Disclaimer: The applicability of label claims, health claims, and the regulatory and intellectual property status of our ingredients varies by jurisdiction. Food and beverage manufacturers should obtain their own advice regarding all legal and regulatory aspects of our ingredients and their usage in their own products to determine suitability for their particular purposes, claims, freedom to operate, labelling or specific applications in any particular jurisdiction.

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Whatever your challenge, Tate & Lyle can help you reduce sugar with great taste, achieving a clean label at the right cost in use.

Consumers demand natural sweetness.

With obesity and diabetes rates rising, consumers want to consume less sugar while still enjoying the foods and beverages they love, ideally with a clean label.

Stevia delivers big results in small quantities.

Stevia contributes zero calories, does not raise blood sugar, and is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. So stevia sweeteners can achieve the same sweetness as sugar by using only a small amount.

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We’re a full-service strategic partner.

As one of the largest fully integrated stevia companies, Tate & Lyle offers decades of stevia expertise, a unique formulation experience, thousands of recipes, supply security and a team of technical experts.



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At Tate & Lyle we oversee the stevia supply from leaf to global delivery, ensuring quality every step of the way.

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stevia diagram

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