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Join us for the Perfecting Taste and Texture in Sugar-Free Gummies Webinar: On Demand

Are nutritional gummies and sugar a package deal?

Join our insights & confectionary experts for a sweet discussion on the formulation challenges of taking sugar out of nutritional gummies, and how to solve while maintaining texture and taste consumers love. 


Key Topics

\ Supplement & Nutritional Gummy market insights

\ The science of replacing sugar while maintaining desired sugar-like sweetness and texture in Nutritional Gummies

\ Tate & Lyle's solutions to help kickstart your innovation journey

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Unlock sugar-free sweetness in your Nutritional Gummies 

From 2019 to 2024 gummies are growing faster than any other format of the supplement category at 22%

Source: 2022 NBJ Delivery Formats Special Report

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